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Zoltan Brenner
The fastest car, seductive girl and a race for survival. Not to stop them!
Zoltan Brenner Fast & Furious 7: the Super Bowl trailer
Zoltan Brenner
I am not interested in going to the movies for this one.
Zoltan Brenner Jamie Dornan Makes Dakota Johnson an Offer She Can't Refuse in New Fifty Shades of Grey Clip
Zoltan Brenner
Batfleck will be somewhat older by the time the solo Batman film comes out.
Zoltan Brenner Batman will appear in the "Suicide Squad"
Zoltan Brenner
i miss Paul Walkers
Zoltan Brenner Watch Tragic Paul Walkers Final Scenes In New Fast And Furious 7 Trailer
This actually sounds like a creepy idea for a movie.

Which, of course, means they'll likely fuck i…
Tom The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan to star in spooky doll movie
Tom Watch the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer in Lego form

Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' May Disregard Last Two Sequels


Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' May Disregard Last Two Sequels

Blomkamp’s concept art for a new ‘Alien’



so many remakes. why not just do remakes of movies that were .... good...
lets do a remake of "the longest day" where the germans won....
ok, the germans lost the war, but with the united states pushing the marshall plan, west germany was rebuilt and has been reunified with east germany,
wasnt that the plan by the germans? and a former stazi nember is the woman in charge ( she hasnt had a test to determine if she is a woman... like women in east germany had to do for the olympics had to do ).


Published by , 26.02.2015 at 23:32
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Rick Westly
Rick Westly 27 February 15 14:53 I must have problems, haha, but I actually didn't mind Alien 3, for what it was. Classic? No. But enjoyed it. Text hided expand
Richard Stone
Richard Stone 1 March 15 17:59 COOL!!! Text hided expand
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